Friday, October 16, 2009

viewer discretion adviced

This is actaully an amazing incision. Across the top of his forhead is a drain tube that will be removed by the 2nd-3rd day. Jireh is drinking mama's milk from a bottle and is resting well. When he starts to wake up he cries and the nurse gives him more meds to manage his pain. Jireh will be out of ICU by tomorrow. The surgeon's were in a few hours ago and told us that Jireh is doing amazingly well. They are just thrilled at how well he is doing. They also performed another surgery right after Jireh's today and it went well too. Praise the Lord for answered prayer. The medical staff here is great. Very nice to us and right there to answer ANY and ALL questions. Mike is visiting with the family in our same room. We continue to pray for baby Shay.


  1. It's so clean! It looks like they did a great job! The incision looks good and his head looks perfect! I know it's hard to see but know that this is just a process to get him to the other side - a healthy head. This season will pass soon enough, I promise! He looks so good!

  2. Lots and lots of hugs to you my friend! You know I can feel your pain. My heart is aching for you and I wish I could be there. But, One far greater than I is with you to comfort and uphold you with His righteous right hand. It's okay to cry, all of this is exhausting and very emotional.

  3. Oh, I forgot to say how thankful I am that he is doing so well! He will be up and runnin and keepin you on your toes very soon. Praise to our great God!

  4. Praying for you continually. Rejoicing and crying with you - cannot imagine how hard it must be! Praise God that all went so well. May he heal completely and quickly. love to you all from us all. :-)

  5. Jayna wants to know if he's still swelling.

    He looks wonderful. Praise the Lord that you are at such a great hospital and that the surgery went so well. I am praying in earnest for you, my sweet friend!! We love you!!

    Jayna and Jeremiah are doing great and being very wonderful. No probs at all. :)

    Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Praise the Lord He has allowed this to be in this time and in this place. His timing is perfect. His love endures forever! We love you all and continue to pray for the Lords transforming work in your lives.

    In Christ alone! Ken, Liz and girls