Thursday, October 15, 2009

surgery tomorrow

The call came in first thing this morning from Children's hospital. All the details prior to surgery. I was a bit "out of it" but quickly got it together. Jireh's last feedAdd Imageing is at 1:30am. We need to leave the house at 5:00am to be at Children's by 6:15 am. Jireh's surgery is at 7:30am. Jireh can have his favorite blanket and one toy. We decided on his singing dog that is always in bed with him. We thought this was a good choice in case Jireh's eyes swell shut, he can still listen and touch his dog. He also can have cereal at 11:30 tonight which we will do. We are praying that Jireh will sleep VERY good after his 1:15am feeding. There is nothing after that. What would work out just perfect is that Jireh sleeps until we leave and we can just put him in his carseat and prayerfully he will fall back to sleep. Thank-you to EVERYONE who is praying for Jireh. We covet all the prayers and know that Jireh is covered in God's love.

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