Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Jireh Malachi

Our little boy truly is a gift from God. Joyce and I prayed for three years about doing a vasectomy reversal and believed that God was calling us to correct a mistake I had done. As we looked into the cost of the procedure we were surprised by the cost. from $ 2,500.00 to $ 10,000.00. Not money that we had just saved up. So we prayed, and prayed, and prayed. In April of 2008, the Lord taped the money on our front door. LITERALLY! Praise God he did. As Moses had told Issac, Jehovah jireh, I knew what our little boys name would be if the Lord would allow us to get pregnant, and if it was a boy. I get to choose the name of the boys and Joyce gets to name the girls. Malachi means my messenger. I had felt that if God would allow us to have more children, then he might also have much to say to the world with the little life he was bringing forth. So that gives us Jireh malachi. As you may have read from Joyce's comments above, God is using Jireh to demonstrate himself to the world through all the medical procedures, the churches that are praying for him in the many states, and now through these pages as we walk with God daily and allow you to see and read. I pray this is an encouragement to you as you read.


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