Monday, October 19, 2009

4th day and were going home

Were going home!!! Praise the Lord. Truly amazing how fast Jireh has bounced back. He has not had any strong drugs since yesterday at 2pm. He has only had tylenol. Please keep Shay in prayer, we talked to her mother while going to the cafeteria this morning and Shay had a seizure last night and they had to put her back on the ventalator. The mother is so grateful for prayers. This has been a much longer journey for them. A scheduled surgery with a stay of 3-4 days has now turned into a 3 week stay with no word of going home any time soon. They are still in ICU and that is a place that does not go to sleep. Also, pray for Matthew. They are still not sure what is wrong with him. He does not keep food down and just having a hard time. I am going to take the mom downstairs to get a free quilt for him and give her a chance to take a break before we leave. Her name is Jennifer.


  1. Praise God that you get to go home! What a wonderful experience you seem to have had! I am so sorry for Shay and her family as well as Matthew. I'm sure you were such a blessing to them.

  2. Praise God! We rejoice with you all!!! The kids will all be so excited to have you back. You'll be getting a dinner for tonight, so don't worry about cooking. :-)

    We love you guys!

    Rejoicing with you,
    Cary & Lois

  3. This is wonderful news! Praise God! Everybody recovers sooo much better in their own surroundings. Love you guys and continuing to pray.