Saturday, October 17, 2009

A difficult night

Thank you all for your prayers. It was a very difficult night for Jireh. He has started the swelling process, which is normal. It leaves him not very happy and agitated all at once. I am going to post several pics. Some of these may look worse than you might think.


  1. He looks wonderful!!!!!!!! Joyce, you look beautiful, as usual. I see swelling, but I see eyes, too. Praise the Lord!!

    We are going to try to call the hospital, as Jayna, especially, is missing you.

    Love you and we are praying.

  2. He really looks so good, Joyce and Mike! Priase God for pain meds! This too will pass! God has never left you or Jireh and He hears our prayers for all of you. What a good God we serve!