Friday, October 16, 2009

The old saying

I sit hear beside Jireh's bed and the thought that strikes me is " In GODS hands ". Jireh was from the beginning of his life in the hand of God. When he first got sick,we thought he just needs some hydration, he was in Gods hands. Through all our trials in life do we see the hand of the almighty or are we so busy, blind, dull as to not see his hands. If we believe that all things work together for good for those who love Him, then this is for our good and if for our good then we are right where our Lord wants us; " In His hands". There are so many times in my life I want to do so much good, yet I feel rebuffed by our Lord. That good I see me doing would be in my strength, my way and apart from our God. Not " In His hands". We are all given not any more than he can carry us through. Gods desire is to use us to bring Him glory through the life He has given us. Whatever that is, is the best from God and the best for us. Is there any better place to be than to be in the hands of the Master? As Paul would have said " far be it". When Jesus asked Peter if he was going to quit following him as the multitude did, he reponded with " You have the words of God and are his Son, where else would we go?" Where else do we turn when all else seems lost? To hard. To much. Lets turn to the master and fall into " His hands".



  1. Praise the Lord! Will continue to pray! He is faithful and greatly to be praised!

  2. Well put Mike. I am praising God for all He is going to accomplish through this!