Wednesday, March 24, 2010

sorry for the delay

Its been awhile since we last posted. There has not been much change in our circumstances. We have been quiet, seeking the Lord and waiting for HIS lead.
So far, all we know is that we have a date to be out of our home and we have a storage unit to house all our things. God has not made it clear to us where we are going to live. We continue to trust as we take each day captive and pray that all we do and say brings HIM glory.
Thank-you for all your prayers.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

this is so hard to do

Keeping you all updated on what is going on with us is so hard. Everyday there is something new. I will try my best. For now we are packing. We rented a near by storage unit that is climate control as we have a piano and IF it looks like we have to store it, then it should be safe. We just started packing and so far I have 25 boxes done. I am writing in a notebook what is in every box. I had to do this because I do not know how long our belongings will be stored.
We are moving somewhat forward with our other property. We are planning (Lord willing) to convert our barn into a home. We only need a very small amount of money to complete this. We have only so much so far to start the process. We do stand in awe at how God provides. So far some friends have offered to help us for free in building this home. We are so very thankful for this. We know that we cannot do this on our own and we have to rely on God to supply. Mike designed a VERY basic home and has all the drawings done. He has mapped out exactly how far we can get with the money we have. We are not sure how God will supply the rest which we figure all said and done will be about 50 thousand. I say all this because the last thing I said in previous posts was we were looking for a free mobile home to move onto the property to live in while we save $$ to build. Mike was getting very frusterated to learn that the mobile might be free but the cost to move, set-up and permits is too much and would not be a wise decision.
We want to make sure we are constantly praying about our ideas and asking if they are God's ideas. We did get a couple of answers from the county that points us in the direction to move on our property and build. We have to keep praying that God will provide the rest of the money. Mike is still not working as much as he would like. But again we continue to trust.
This is a hard road to travel. We are not doing this alone. We are clinging to God every second of this journey. It's very hard to lay your life out there for all to read about. We have decided to open up our life and share everything that is going on because we feel the Lord has asked us to. Not sure why, but we keep coming back to the thought that everyone has a story to tell and everyone should share it. You never know who will read about it and who can be encouraged through your life. We are a walking testimony of God's faithfulness. He promises that he will never leave us nor forsake us. I might get a bit down and discouraged some of the days but that is because we still live in the flesh too and we have to fight through those thoughts. God is loving and full of Grace for us.