Friday, October 9, 2009

one week to go

Reality is striking hard. One more week and were off to Children's to really have this surgery done. honestly today I have been fighting the anxieties that pop up. I find myself getting weepy when I am holding Jireh and nursing him. I just look at his head and cherish this time of no scar. I kiss his sweet head and as the tears roll down my cheeks, I thank God for providing doctors for this surgery and a great hospital and most importantly for friends that are praying for our sweet boy. God is so good to us. May I have the strength to fight off the doubt and fears. Jireh is God's child and he is only loaned to me. Next friday I have to physically hand over Jireh and give him to the doctors. In my mind I will be handing him back over to God. I pray that God will give him back to me just hours later with a new and improved head. I pray that Jireh will go on to live a great life with a great story and that he will know the Lord at a young age and able to share the greatness of God.


  1. We are continuing to hold you and your precious family in prayer. Love you all!

  2. Joyce, continue to fight those evil thoughts off! Thoughts of doubt and fear are not from God. God has only promised good! He has His hands wrapped around little Jireh and your family! I love you and your family! STAY HEALTHY!! :)