Tuesday, October 20, 2009

One long night!

It has been a very long night around here. We are so thankful to be home, and yet Jireh has been on full melt down. Our Lord has carried us through the night. Both Joyce and Jireh are finally sleeping and I am going to be seeking strength from the Lord. He just might direct me to many cups of coffee and his word. I was so filled with Love last night as our family was back together. Sometimes I let life fog my eyes of the important things in life, with the details that I can't control. So many times I catch myself after saying " Mike you just missed that one. " Then I realize just how great the Fathers Love is. He is Loving, Kind, Merciful, Forgiving, All Mighty, All Powerful, Sovereign, Creator of the Universe who cares for me and is patient with me. Oh how I long work out the failings of the flesh, to be able submit this life to the Lord and whatever he has, and to Praise him for it. This journey has only yet begun, even after all these years. I am so thankful for all the wonderful examples of Godly brothers and sisters who encourage me. May this day be filled with Him to whom all Praise, Honor and Worship is due.


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