Friday, October 16, 2009

the 2nd call from surgery

Everything is going well. Jireh is doing just fine. We have a pager with us to allow us the freedom to go to the cafeteria. So thankful that we are here with Wes & Pam Spurling, Doug & Tina Riley, and Cary & Lois Green. We have been visiting and praying. And were trying to eat. I am having a hard time every time the beeper goes off. My mind wants to go straight to negative thoughts. But God is my strength and my fortress, in HIM I will trust!


  1. I'm so glad that everything is going well! Is the pager to give you updates? That's what they did for us. Please tell Cary and Lois hello for us. They are such dear people! I'm so glad they're there for you!

  2. Oh Joyce, how I remember like it was yesterday! The pager goes off, the OR has a report for us, the sinking feeling in my stomach, the negative thoughts. But, also the peace and the strength the Lord gave us to make it through that day! Cling to Him, hold fast to His promises.