Friday, October 16, 2009

How deep the Fathers love for us

The song says " How deep the Fathers love for us, how vast beyond all measure. That He would give his only Son, to make a wretch his treasure." That is the first stanza of a song that is sung A LOT at our home, in the car, in the store. Quite frankly just about anywhere that the Lord prompts me. Sometimes even to the dismay of my family, because I will sing out no matter. Yet this morning I sit here thinking of the words more richly. The song wants us to understand the depths to which God almighty has reached out to us, the lengths to which he would go for us. as I sit here this morning ready to go, It really struck me; just how deep a fathers love can be. We have known of Jireh and his coming for about 14 months. Yet it feels like we have had him for such a great length of time that our love for him has grown to be so great. We must in just a few short hours give our son over to the medical staff at childrens, and rest in the Lord. Yet what really strikes me is that the God of the universe, the almighty creator, knew of Jireh from before the begining and how much Love must that be? I am not fearful. I stand firm in the Lord and his goodness. I am a father though, and I love my son. I want, pray for the best for him. How deep is the love the Father has put in us, for our son. His desire is to make our son his treasure. That is a deep Love, one that could only come from the Father.


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