Saturday, January 16, 2010

So much happening

It has been far too long since we have blogged. We have been going through so many things with our home life that we have neglected to share it with you. We do rejoice in the Lord that Jireh is doing wonderful. He continues to amaze us in his healing process. God has blessed this little guy and has given him a full recovery. At 8 months old now he continues to grow and do new things everyday. Currently he is doing a very good army crawl. We have had to make sure everything is picked up on the floor and that the gate is up. So back to our home life situation that I am talking about. We remind ourselves that even though the outcome in our circumstances are not our choice, God is control. We lay our lives in HIS hands everyday and in every step of this journey we are on. Right now it just does not make sense to us. But it looks like after 5 1/2 years and 7 floods we are reaching the end of our time in this home. We are sad at the thought of never completing our plans here. We had so many plans and ideas that we had looked forward to but it appears to not be God's plan. So with heavy hearts we are looking for a new home to rent or lease and start completely over. Joyce

Let me step in now and see if I can explain our situation with our home and property. WE refinanced our home with Indy mac federal in June of 2007. When we refinanced they pulled a flood determination to see if I was correct in telling them we had flooded and needed flood insurance. Flood insurance is required by federal law for any mortgage to be funded for a home in Special Flood Hazard Area. When we received the closing documents, there determination said we were not in SFHA. Well if you remember January 6Th of last year we had one of the worst floods to ever hit our area. Water was in our home for 4 days. We went to FEMA to see how to deal with the flooding and were told, " You should have had flood insurance." We explained we did not have it because the flood determination said we were not in SFHA. FEMA sent me looking for the correct flood maps and lo and behold we ARE in SFHA, since Nov. of 1999. I contacted Indy mac on January 10 of 2009 and was told, " Not our problem." I have been in an ongoing battle with them ever since. I have sought the advice of dear brothers in the Lord to help me to seek the Lords will as to our home, mortgage, flooding etc. I believe the Lord gave me the tenacity, the direction and the courage to go after and fight for our home and property. In September of 2009 I advised Indy mac again that the home has been destroyed by flood and that starting then I was not going to make any payments until they helped us out with the flood damage. In November they finally wrote a letter to tell me that, " We are advising you that your home is now in SFHA and you will need to get flood insurance. " I called the person of the letter to ask when this changed, and was told the maps had been recently updated to now include our property. Remember, FEMA had already gotten me the maps showing we have been in SFHA since Nov. 1999. I explained this to the person and was told, " we will have to get back to you." This is not the first lie we had been told from Indy mac. They have continually lied and or forgotten all about us. In December we received two letters sent on consecutive days telling us that they (Indy mac) had goofed and that they would be sending out and adjuster to look at the damage to the property. Wow, Praise the Lord. Finally we would be getting some answers. On Dec. 16, 2009 at 10:30 am one Mr. Kevin Pike showed up at our door to assess the damage done to the home. He was supposed to be from Colorado and his arrangements took some time to get worked out. He and I had talked several times by phone. After being here for a few hours and taking a lot of pictures he announced he was done and would send in his results. On his way out I asked him for a business card, and after looking in his satchel for a few seconds, he said I don't have any with me. I was OK with that seeing as we had conversed several times before by cell phone. As the days passed I called to ask the signer of the letters, where we stood on the flood damage. She has never returned even one phone call. I had become concerned so I tried the cell phone of Mr. Pike. It is not a working number any more. I tried one more time to a Ms. Rachel Hoffman with Indy Mac bank. The one who has never returned even one phone call since Mr. Pikes visit. I demanded a phone call back. This was on Dec. 30Th. At 9:50 that evening while I was at a Men's meeting, we were served with a foreclosure notice. Not only had they lied about there intentions of fixing our home, they now are in the process of taking the home away. I sought advice from friends and family as to a good Lawyer. On Thursday Jan. 7Th we sat down with a Lawyer who explained that yes they had not done what they were supposed to and they may have lied, BUT there was nothing we could do. We were faced with give up, or try to work out a resolution with Indy Mac. Joyce and I sat the kids down and discussed with them our options. I asked them to take the weekend to pray and seek the Lord in there hearts as to what we should do. The following Monday we sat down as a family and we all talked. The family wanted to see if we could stay. On Wednesday the 13Th of January I contacted the loan resolution department of Indy Mac to discuss what It would take to reinstate our loan. The woman I talked to was very pleasant and walked us through the process. I asked her about the flood damage and was told that they were just waiting for paper work from the insurance department. I could call back on Sat. the 16Th. and they would have all the reinstatement fees$$$$$ and the progress on the insurance paper work. I had a little glimmer of hope. Well now for the truth of the story. I called on Sat. and was told in no uncertain terms that I can either come up with a huge, huge amount of money and get my loan reinstated or they were going to foreclose. PERIOD.... There is, was NO insurance claim. If I hadn't pulled flood insurance, " then there is NONE..." I have fought the good fight, finished the course laid out for me. I am confident that I have Not blemished the name of our Lord with my tongue or my actions. I do believe a great injustice has been done. Yet I will trust the Lord and give him all the Praise. It was and is his home as long as he desires it to be. This is merely a snippet of what we have gone through and I do apologize for not keeping all more aware of what has been happening. I covet all of your prayers as to the Lords leading and our ability to walk in his great provision.

In Him Mike

Ps. We are Praising our Lord for his marvelous work in and through Jireh.


  1. Boy, that sounds impossible! How can all that go through without any recourse? Have you talked with the state insurance commissioner? Seems like there must be some state agencies that could and should help you. I'm sorry to hear you are going through all of this.

  2. We battled terms of foreclosure with our lender earlier this year. My heart goes out to you. Praise the Lord that you came through the battle confident that the name of the Lord was honored. Praying for you both for a peace even when it seems there is no resolution and a new home where you can continue to raise your children in the Lord. Em

  3. hi mike and joyce, we're so thankful that your heart is to 'bow the knee', and we'll continue in prayer for you that His will would be done in your circumstances as well as your hearts. we also ask that joy will be added to your days, abiding joy that comes in a restful trust. we love you and stand with you, wes and pam