Wednesday, January 20, 2010

praying for a clear direction

We are so thankful for those who have responded to our current posting and have encouraged us. Thank-you all for your prayers as we travel this journey. Right now we have an idea that we are researching as to where we might live. We want to wait to say any specifics because the Lord might have a different plan and we want to be open to HIS will for us. The process is so overwelming to think about. I am constantly leaning on HIM and HIS word to get me through every situation that comes up throughout the day. I know that Mike is waiting upon the Lord for direction and will do some research in the next few days or so for some more concrete answers. This might be the direction the Lord has for us.
Currently with the forclosure, I was told by the bank that they are setting a date for the place to go to auction on Feb. 1st. Then we will have an idea of how long we have here. I will keep you all posted as you follow with us.
p.s. Does anyone know of a FREE mobile home that someone wants to get rid of?

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