Monday, February 20, 2012


Welcome back to our journey!!
I was quickly looking over this blog and trying to see where I left off. Too much has happened to give a total re-cap. So I will give you "happenings" as they come to my mind. Most of you know that we no longer live in Wa. state anymore. The LORD provided a new place for us to stop and grow for a bit. We are now in Boise Idaho. And so very thankful for this much needed change. No more wet, damp living for us. We now wake up to sunny blue skies just about everyday. The grey days we get are pleasant reminders of where we were and thankful for where we are now. Don't get me wrong, we do miss Wa. very much. Mostly we miss our wonderful friends that have become dear family members over the years. And we miss all the good memories too.
Everyone is settling in very nicely. Mike is busy furthering his education in the Insurance business. And very thankful for the time the LORD allowed for him to make this career change late in life. We are excited about this change and look forward to where his new place of employment will be. Of course we pray diligently for us to stay a very long time in Idaho. We do realize that the LORD can take us where ever HE chooses and we are open to that.
The "blessings" are busy and enjoying the many changes in their lives as well. We live in walking distance to the "Y" and quickly became members for us to work on our health. Jeremiah is training to (Lord willing) join the local high school football team. Praying still in progress here and if the LORD changes this goal that is fine. Working out 6 days a week is great for him. The older girls help me with EVERYTHING in the home from cooking, cleaning, laundry, running errands, to watching Jireh. I have been blessed beyond measure with how much they help me. Jayna is busy finishing up her 8th grade year and looking forward to high school home school. Yikes, did I just say that? That is amazing. Jireh is such a busy, smart little guy that doesn't miss a beat. He counts to 13 and says his ABC's all the way through and even backwards. We will try and trick him when we write the alphabet and he quickly tells us that its wrong. What a smart boy. His favorite things are books and books and his train set, buzz, woody and cars.
We go to Columbia bible church here in Meridian and just love it. We have quickly become "family" with these kind people. We have so much in common that is makes me stand in awe of how the LORD provided exactly what we all needed. From weekly bible studies to sewing get togethers (the girls) and playing football (the guys) and monthly prayer meetings. Its all been so fun to grow and meet new people.

For those who know my mom she is doing much better. She is getting healthier everyday. GOD is blessing her with so much great health that she leaves early tomorrow morning for a 3 plus week stay in Florida. She will enjoy her birthday there with her 3 other sisters. I am so happy she can do this.

I think that has us somewhat up to date. Lord willing I am on the roll to keep this blog more up to date with photos so you can enjoy our journey with us.
Take care and God bless your day!


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