Monday, February 1, 2010

we have a date

Its so bazaar to go through something like this. We get visitors from who knows where to drop off notices. We never know who will stop by. It was late friday night about 10pm and sure enough we have someone tape a 2 page notice to our front door without knocking then they take 1 picture of the place and drive off. Very strange. But now we know that our little house has a date to be auctioned off. April 30th. If the house sells we then have 20 days to move out.

The Lord has made it very clear to us that we need to take our other property off the market and make plans to live on it. We are stretching our minds and considering just about anything to live in. From free mobile homes, free garages to a travel trailer or 2. Its all still in the air right now. It makes the most sense to live there. Then we can concentrate on paying off debt that we have. We thought all along that the Lord wanted us to sell our other 5 acres to clear our debt and remodel our home. But after trying that for 2 years it just seems as though all along the Lord was saying I have already provided for you, its just right there!

Now we walk forward in faith that the Lord will provide a home for us to live in. I am not picky anymore. I can make just about anything into a home. I think our family will do just fine with this new adventure. It might look strange to others but for us, it will be our new home.


  1. Joyce, you bless and encourage me with your amazing attitude in all this. I can't wait to see the miracles God has in store for your family. Thanks for including all of us in this suspenseful ride & the opportunity to pray with and for you! Love you guys!
    Staying tuned - Janet for the Hehes